East Course

#1 – Par 4 326 yards – An easy opening hole that is a slight dog leg to the left. A drive to the right side of the tree lined fairway and avoiding the fairway bunker at 260 yds., will make for a more open second shot. The small green is guarded by bunkers left and right.

#2 – Par 4 362 yards – Another dog leg left hole with O.B. left and trees to the right are in play off the tee. It’s important to put the tee shot in the fairway. Try to avoid the deep greenside bunker on the left.

#3 – Par 5 471 yards – A short par 5 that dog legs to the left. A long drive to the right side of the fairway and left of the fairway bunker at 270 yds., will allow you to try for the green on your second shot. Left is jail. There are two greenside bunkers guarding the medium size green.

#4 – Par 4 422 yards – A longer par 4 that dog legs to the left. A long second shot will be into a green that slopes away from you. Greenside bunker requires a long shot to reach the green.

#5 – Par 3 195 yards – Probably the toughest par 3 on the course. The green slopes away on both sides and is guarded in front by a deep bunker. Par here feels like birdie.

#6 – Par 4 460 yards – An uphill straight away hole that demands 2 long shots to reach the green in two. Avoid the fairway bunker on the left and greenside bunker on the right. Biggest green on the course.

#7 – Par 5 525 yards – A tree lined hole that requires a straight tee shot and second shot. An uphill third shot to a green that slopes severely from back to front and is protected by 3 deep bunkers. Stay below the hole is the key.

#8 – Par 4 420 yards – A tough tree lined par 4 that demands a long, straight tee shot. An accurate second shot is needed to a saddle shaped green with bunkers on both sides.

#9 – Par 3 150 yards – A downhill par 3 with O.B. left and a tee shot that must clear the pond. Club selection is very important. Avoid over the green also.

#10 – Par 3 121 yards – An uphill par 3 to a small green that plays half a club longer. A tough up and down if you miss the green to the left.

#11 – Par 4 450 yards – A long uphill tree lined dog leg right par 4 that demands a long, straight tee shot. A long second shot is required to the green guarded by bunkers on both sides.

#12 – Par 5 556 yards – A long three shot par 5 that requires a long tee shot, an accurate second shot left of the big tree and right of the fairway bunkers, and a third shot that stays below the hole of this large sloping green.

#13 – Par 3 159 yards – A straight away par 3 with a challenging green. Avoid the bunker on the right.

#14 – Par 4 370 yards – A medium length par 4 that demands a straight tee shot avoiding the fairway bunker on the right and trees to the left. A huge green requires selecting the correct club for the pin position on your second shot.

#15 – Par 4 352 yards – A straight tee shot is required on this tree lined fairway. Your second shot needs to be long enough to clear the creek.

#16 – Par 5 513 yards – A slight dog leg right par 5 that with two good shots leaves you a short third shot to this green well guarded by bunkers.

#17 – Par 4 328 yards – A short tree lined par 4 that demands a tee shot that finds the fairway leaving you a short second shot to a flat green surrounded by 3 bunkers.

#18 – Par 4 321 yards – Another straight tee shot is required on this short par 4 with O.B. on the right and trees on the left. A short second shot must clear the creek in front of the green.